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John Cannell, MD

Will vitamin D improve my athletic performance? Read this book and find out how vitamin D works in organs used in athletics, what kind of evidence exists in the scientific literature, and which countries knew what and when.

~ by John Cannell, MD

  • We know books change lives, this one for the better. Vitamin D is one of the best kept secrets of some Olympic coaches. Bill Sardi

  • FAQ

    • Q. What kind of book is this?

      A. self help, self empowering.  Living or competing in athletics without a knowledge of vitamin D will diminish performance.  Don’t let your opponents have this knowledge without you knowing it first.

    • Q. Is the book just for athletes?

      A. no, it is written as a book that should be in every home library.  You don’t need to be a 20-year old professional athlete to benefit from reading this book.  Even weekend-warriors will benefit from reading this text since the benefits from vitamin D are instantaneous.  Senior aged adults will even benefit from reading this text not only because of the obvious health benefits accrued from vitamin D and bone health, but also physical performance.  It is likely that many immobile seniors could avoid wheelchairs by maintaining adequate vitamin D levels.

    • Q. What is the importance of a book about vitamin D to achieve optimal athletic performance?

      A. for many reasons, the public emulates athletes, wears the same running shoes and athletic gear as famous athletes, and adoption of vitamin D knowledge by the athletic community could serve to create a greater knowledge of the benefits of vitamin D in the population at large.